Community consultation

Stakeholders have an important say in how we conduct our business. Successful realization of our targets depends on earning the trust and approval of residents in communities where we operate. The key note of the stakeholder relations policy of Xanir Holding ltd., is a dedication to partnership, transparency and respect for the views of others. The policy guides us as we aim to develop long-term relationships with those affected by our business.


Sustainability is the leading force in our company. We find stability between the long-term economic and social benefits to our stakeholders, while striving to reduce the impacts on the environment.

Developing only economically is no longer regarded as a well-functioning strategy for poverty reduction and prosperity of societies. It has been proven that the economic objectives are inextricably linked with its social and environmental targets. This understanding is the force behind the dedication of Xanir Holding Ltd. to build a solid sustainable company that is strongly embedded in the community and shows concern for the environment.

Xanir Holding Ltd. is fully focused on sustainable development. We recognize protection of the environment as a core commitment of our business. As part of this personal obligation, all operating units have a comprehensive health and environment management system in place. The facilities are often reviewed and upgraded for better efficiency.

The manager's Post

Vol. XXIV. No. 8.
Our golden coin.
Katerina Terechina-Motovilova (Director)
Katerina Terechina-Motovilova

Since 2012 marks the 13th anniversary of Xanir Holding Ltd, we state that from the beginning of the founding of our enterprise, our focus by necessity was to engage with the immediate commence of an intense period of acquisition – to locate and acquire long-term partnerships that would eventually integrate into our business and deliver the organization that it is today.

We made a vast investment in improving the quality of our assets and services by steadily delivering lower costs, higher productivity and efficiency, durability of our resource base and applying the highest standard for safety, social and environmental standards.

Anton Isaev (Operations Manager)
Anton Isaev
Operations Manager

At Xanir Holding Ltd, we strive to lead daringly with honesty, respect and understanding. The way leadership is carried out stands as an example for our values. We defy ourselves and others to reach beyond limits and are consistent with words and actions. We listen, share, empower and at all times possess a desire to develop Xanir's bright and innovative minds.

With set goal to deliver exceptional results, we guarantee that the aims of our enterprise hold a priority over those of singular business divisions. We set high but achievable goals, search for input and take instantaneous action when needed to maximize our clients' investments.